Australia's best Electric Scooter for 2019

Which is the Best Australian Electric Scooter 2019?

We get asked this question a lot. We first need to give you an idea of the size of the electric scooter market within Australia. As of Oct 2019 we have 20+ brands available on our shores (supplied locally), then each brand will have model variants, putting the available electric scooter types somewhere close to 120, with prices ranging from $200 - $4,000, its not an easy pick, and we understand people can get confused which typically leads to a regret purchase or no purchase at all.

So in order to help you out we did a bit of market research and looked at the typical application and demographic to establish a profile of where and why an electric scooter would be used. We ran a campaign using the Google Search Network, Trends and Analytics, then combined with information we researched through Facebook targeting we built a profile around the ideal candidate.  (Before anyone asks No we aren’t going to share the profiling!)

Understanding the demographic, we developed a criteria of what we thought this typical rider would be looking for, this enabled us to quickly eliminate e-scooters that didn’t meet the criteria, this still left a large range to review, and we wanted to share a cross section of the complete range. So we decided to rank the following:

  • Comfort
  • Portability
  • Reliability & Safety
  • Value
  • Fun Factor

Using the criteria above we arrived at our top 8 and gave each one a star rating out of 5. We have commented on each individual scooter so you get an idea of what we liked and what we think could improve on each unit.

We are not saying this list is definitive and many will disagree with which e-scooters made the cut and which one didn’t, and your entitled to your opinion and also welcome to do the research and come up with your own list.

Our Top 8 in Alphabetical Order:

  • e-glide G60
  • Inokim OX
  • Inokim Quick 3
  • Kaabo Skywalker 8S
  • Mearth
  • Mercane Dual Wide Wheel
  • Unagi
  • Zero 9


    What we Liked and What we Thought needed improvement

    e-Glide G60

    What we liked:

    Represents great value for money at $799 being one of the cheaper models to make our final list. Has features you would normally find on a more expensive units, regenerative braking, disc brake on the rear, and an added advantage of hot swappable Panasonic battery effectively doubling your range. Portability is fantastic at 12.5kg, really clear display. Good all-round daily commuter.

    What we think could improve:

    Better acceleration, has a max speed of 25km which is the legal limit, but you will slow down on the hills. The ride can be a bit rough over cobble stone and off road surfaces.

    Full Product Details: e-glide G60 

    Inokim OX

    What we Liked:

    It’s the benchmark of good. Everything else is compared to this. Super fast with a max speed of 60kmh, we were only game at 40kmh. Its rugged and build quality is fantastic. Large 10” air filled tires, suspension that is built to last with optional high and low configuration. For the serious rider as a daily commuter or off road weekender. Ride handling is fantastic.

    What we think could improve:

    Throttle can be a bit jerky when accelerating from slow speeds around high traffic areas this is mainly due to the amount of power the e-scooter has. Additionally the throttle had a slight lag when released and put on again up hills.  Display not real bright when in the sun. Handle bars don’t fold in on themselves, kind of heavy at 27kg.

    Full Product Details: Inokim OX 

    Inokim Quick 3

    What we Liked:

    Quality build and height adjustable handle bars. Folds really well including the handle grips. Good acceleration and speed a bit of a dark horse, although you will need to watch that as you could catch yourself going quicker than the legal limit. Good ergonomic design with a handle built into the deck for carrying the e-scooter.

    What we think could improve:

    A little pricey for what you get, a lot of cable exposure between the upright column and the deck, limited suspension.

    Full Product Details: Inokim Quick 3

    Kaabo 8S Skywalker:


    What we Liked:

    The Kaabo 8S Skywalker is comparative as a hybrid between the Zero 8x & Zero 9. In our opinion is delivers great value at $1,399 it has the ruggedness of the Zero8X ($1,949) and similar specifications to the Zero 9 ($1,399). Suspension and handling over rough terrain is great. Its a real beast of a scooter around the streets. Rugged, and handles rough terrain quite well.   

    What we think could improve:

    Tires could be larger which would improve the ride and handling, however if you do this it might as well be a Kaabo Mantis.  

    Full Product Details: Kaabo 8S Skywalker 


    Mearth X

    What we Liked:

    No cable exposure, one of the most compact units around. Some innovative suspension under the deck. Ride quality reasonable given it runs solid tires. USB port to charge your phone on the go, however you will need a phone holder.

    What we think could improve:

    A little slow off the mark and larger tires would improve the comfort, electric brake is ok but needs drum or disc. Bigger battery for distance typically only get 20km range on a single charge.


    Mercane WideWheel Dual:

    What we Liked:

    Aesthetically is really cool with fat tires, feels solid and a good cruiser  Reasonably priced in comparison to the Inokim Quick 3. Improved digital display for 2019 and a key to prevent theft, something the other units lack. Good battery range and the dual motors handle the hills well.

    What we think could improve:

    Solid tires – yes they eliminate punctures but they are low profile and have no forgiveness on rough surfaces. Handle bar arrangement looks and feels a little archaic

     Full Product Details: Mercane Wide Wheel

    Unagi Model One:

    What we Liked:

    A real hip and stylish ride, graphical interface by far the best out there. Quality of the build and almost no cable exposure, has cool honeycomb tires that eliminates punctures and to give the comfort of air filled. No issues with power or handling with the dual motors, quite a smooth ride considering minimal suspension. Reasonably priced at $1,650 over the other models.

    What we think could improve:

    Handle bars could fold in on themselves to make it more portable. Stock availability, hard to get they sell really fast.

     Full Product Details: Unagi Model One

    Zero 9

    Zero 9

    What we Liked:

    Its an pumped up Zero 8 with bigger tires so rides a little more comfortable, is almost half the weight of the Zero 10 so makes this really portable at 18kg and folds up quite well. Ride quality is good and essentially does its job well.

    What we think could improve:

    Doesn’t give you as much value for money compared to the Kaabo range at the same price. The integration of the deck to the rear tyre is weird, looks and feels like the back wheel is an afterthought. 


    How did they all Rank against the Criteria?

    Electric Scooter Ranking

    The best electric scooter for 2019 in Australia is:

    1. Kaabo 8S Skywalker
    2. Unagi Model One
    3. E-Glide G60 (Value deciding factor)
    4. Mercane Wide Wheel Dual (Value deciding factor)
    5. Inokim OX
    6. Zero 9
    7. Mearth X
    8. Inokim Quick 3

    Once you have made the leap and purchased an electric scooter look at our tips for keeping in clean here

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