Inokim OX and OXO Review

Inokim has quickly gained a reputation for offering some industry-leading electric scooter products. Their flagship models at the moment are the Inokim OX Super and the top of the range model the Inokim OXO Super.    

In this article, we have compared the Inokim OX and OXO electric so you can make up your mind about which one you want.

Introduction to Inokim

Inokim first started as a company called MYWAY as a garage project back in 2009. Like many success stories, the garage is a popular spot to start a business. As an award-winning designer, Nimrod Sapir, set about finding solutions that challenged the traditional way in which we were commuting from A to B. The criteria used was minimal time and effort, while reducing the carbon footprint of car-use in urban environments.

  • By 2011 the MYWAY Company released the QUICK becoming the first Light Weight Quick folding electric scooter, fully manufactured from Aluminum, utilising a brushless motor combined with a lithium-ion battery.
  • In 2013 mass production began with an upgraded QUICK model, called QUICK -1. The product was hugely successful and became a benchmark for competitors to copy its design.
  • In 2015 Now called INOKIM released the LIGHT model, which as the name suggests was lighter and faster to fold, and addressed a new section of the market, opening the door to new users desiring more portability.
  • In 2017 The MINI was introduced; being a compact 8.5kg lightest in class, it had an additional feature when folded could be pulled along like a trolley with the small wheels incorporated into its design.
  • In 2018 Inokim released the OX Super, which was immediately heralded as one of the most powerful, and longest distance range escooters, with the built-in suspension to cater to the off-road market and those desiring higher riding quality and performance.
  • In 2019 the much anticipated OXO Super was released which raised the performance benchmark even higher with its dual 1000w brushless motors, the introduction of hydraulic disc brakes and longer battery range. There was much conjecture about the point of all this performance when units coming factory limited to 25kmh max speed to comply with legal limits. It's now at this point after both the OX and OXO have been in the market for a bit of time can we confidently compare the two.

 The OX and OXO Review


The Inokim OX Super comes with a single motor, rated at 800w giving it the needed power to tackle the hill climb. Although with a heavier person +100kg will see a significant drop in performance and range riding in the real world. Overall the OX is capable of 45kmh max speed unlocked which is modest in comparison to the OXO but yet still sufficient for most users.

 Inokim OX Folded

The OXO with dual 1000w brushless motors engaged means some serious torque, when ridden properly the pickup is smooth and linear, not overpowering, provided you have your weight distribution pretty well centered, any deviation towards the back you will find yourself trying to hold on. The OXO electric eats the hills up with ease, our test ride was on a 20% grade and we still found it continued to accelerate. On a flat run, with the OXO unlocked our test ride was able to push the 63kmh mark. The sheer power here will leave the electric bicycles for dead. Fantastic for the weekend warrior. 

Inokim OXO Folded

The Red Button on the OXO handlebar that engages the second/front hub motor has been removed on all future models, making the OXO a full time dual motor scooter. After much testing it was found that the continuous on/off of the second motor was causing controller overheating or cut out and in the worst case controller failure. Most riders when purchasing a dual motor scooter intend on maximizing the top speed and capability of the scooter. The OX performance will meet most scooter riders requirements however those whose routes are more challenging the Inokim OXO electric scooter will make a meal of it.

Inokim OXO Handlebars

An additional note is Inokim has used the thumb style throttles similar to the Xiaomi M365, the eglide g60 and g120 so those who prefer this type will find it easier to upgrade to the OX or OXO although the LCD Display is incorporated with the throttle and not in the centre.

 Inokim OXO LCD Display

Battery and Range

The OX super has a brochured 95km under test condition (flat road, 70kg rider, half throttle) housed inside the rugged frame is a 60V - 21Ah battery that takes about 10hrs to charge from empty.  The OXO claims a 110km range, but don’t expect you will get that, our test got approximately 85km in real-world situations with varying road grades, single and both motors engaged including some hills, we used varying rider weight one rider at 85kg and the other at 109kg. The battery pack is a 60V – 26Ah to give that extra range and power supply to the additional motor, but comes at a compromise adding extra weight and charge time requiring 13hrs for a full battery charge.


We have to say in terms of braking there is absolutely no comparison between the OX and OXO. The OXO wins hands down here, the OX Super comes with a drum front and rear cable disc brake. It’s good, but the hydraulic disc brakes on the OXO knock it out of the park. We hope that the OX is upgraded soon with hydraulic disc brakes or at least hybrid disc brakes.

Inokim OX Brakes

Performance of the OXO front and rear hydraulic braking system is amped up by the twin ventilated discs for super modulated stopping, so much so when we tested for emergency braking the momentum had us trying to stop ourselves going over the handlebars. There is a downside, on our unit we found it quite fiddly the get the front and rear disc pads sitting exactly right to eliminate that scratching sound from the disc pads against the disc, upon further inspection we found both discs were not exactly straight.  

 Inokim OXO Brakes


Both OX and OXO have the same suspension sporting the single-sided swing-arm and it is one of the most unique and controversial design features of these electric scooters. Others have tried to imitate it like the Kaabo Mantis, but none have succeeded in implementing it so well. It doesn’t feel squirrely or unstable yet offers perfect access for maintenance when you need to change inner tubes or tires. Like the Inokim OX, it’s easy to change the height of the suspension of the OXO super as all the parts and tools needed to lift or drop the scooter are included in the box. The suspension does a good job in absorbing the undulating terrain, heavier riders will get to feel that float sensation a little more.

Build Quality

On the OX, what used to be a trapezoidal neck the OXO now has a module fitted in its place. Why? This is where the OXO houses the additional electronics and wiring needed to run the front motor.

 Inokim OX Neck        Inokim OXO Neck

The way Inokim has finished this looks stock and not a bolt-on addition, it seamlessly fits into the space. Another feature that consumers regularly overlook is Inokim also adheres to the more stringent standards for compliance in Europe achieving a CE Mark for consumer safety.  In Australia, you don’t see this often and even the more expensive Dualtron models don’t come with this compliance. Again we ask the question Why? This is another effort to demonstrate that Inokim isn’t some Chinese factory churning out scooters at the lowest cost possible without regard for safety or quality.                  

We consider Inokim to be one of the top scooters in terms of build quality. The folding mechanism deserves special praise, as it is 100% rigid and free of flex, with a turning nut for micro-adjustment to take up the slack that appears over time. Although the rubber safety band around the stem could be designed better and with a more rigid system like an eglide G120.

Overall the quality of both OX and OXO are very similar, high-quality grips, paint finish, and frame construction.

The Negatives:

  • Weight, the OX weighs in at 28kg and for the OXO a hefty 32kg, not something you would consider portable!
  • Charge time the OX and OXO are amongst the longest in the market 10-13hrs is some serious wait time. Typically you will need to leave it overnight.
  • The rear mudguard can be a bit flimsy, leave it off if you can.
  • The disc pads and disc alignment on the oxo electric if not perfect you will constantly have that scrapping sound while riding, no longer giving you a silent ride.
  • To unlock the OX and OXO you need to buy an additional LCD controller at approx $100 to get the full potential.
  • Servicing the OXO hydraulic disc brakes requires expertise. If you don’t get it right and leave air within the system when you apply the brake you won't have any.  

  The Positives:

  • The stability and quality of the OX and OXO, we are partial to the OXO with the added hydraulic disc brakes and those 1000w dual motors.
  • The sheer power of both units is ample for daily commutes, in fact, you probably won't get to use the full potential in the city but for urban and offroad these electric scooters are fantastic.
  • The price point in comparison to the Dualtron and Zero 10x models fits nicely in between these but with top-class quality and safety.
  • Aesthetics, instantly recognizable from a distance, most scooters now all look the same.
  • Access for Maintenance designed well to do your electric scooter maintenance if you're competent

Which is the best electric scooter the Inokim OX or Inokim OXO?

In our opinion, if you can afford the extra $300-$400 for the OXO, buy the OXO hands down. The OX is still a great electric scooter and shouldn’t be discounted it has the same handling, quality, suspension, and looks, but the OXO has that extra power for hills, particularly if you are a heavier rider and that awesome hydraulic brake system!

Would We Buy One?

For your average daily commute of 5-10km's NO! Not unless it's all uphill or over serious terrain. There are plenty of other units a lot cheaper that will do the job. If you want adventure and expect to go off-road or be that weekend warrior then the answer is YES for a high-performance machine it's well priced, has a load of features that we enjoyed to which you can adjust and kit it up for yourself. We use this as one of our daily rides.  

Your Opinion & Feedback

We would like your feedback please post a comment on this review.

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With the advancements in technology, new models will have to address the overheating if they become a more permanent mode of transport for longer distances, challenging because any type of cooling will likely compromise the waterproofing.<a ahref “”>for more

Mark Holdcroft

I can agree with what’s been said on previous reviews, having owned both Ox Super and Oxo amongst others including the Zero 10X. I had the Ox for about a year or so and they were pretty rare then, I loved the design, power and comfy suspension and did most of the maintenance and repairs myself, the only thing I had done under warranty was a charger that just packed up and Inokim replaced it. I did more than 8000 Ks on the Ox and mainly thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it did like most things let me down a few times and I had to do the walk of shame (mainly rear punctures). At one time I was getting a lot of pinch flats on the rear but now I have switched to the semi off road 3 inch wide tyres and keep an eye on the tyre pressure (45 to 50 psi), I also cut up a small ring of rubber from an old tube and put it around the valve stem and also put put talc in the tyre, since doing this I haven’t had one flat. I did have the controller also melt down on me and locked up the back wheel, luckily I was on grass cause the back wheel completely locked up. The Oxo on the other hand is a weapon, I’ve done 4000+ Ks on it I can now say it’s a big improvement on the Ox, faster and more safe with the hydraulic discs it suits me a lot more due to me being over 100 Kgs it seems to just fly up the hills, I have got the suspension on high + setting which is the best one for me and I can do over 60 Kph on the flat, I go everywhere on it. Only Just recently I have had the noisy brake problems but I am going to put new pads on them and give them a good servicing, hopefully this will be a cure , if not I’ll try some mods, be safe and happy scootering.

Mark Holdcroft
ecorides Australia

Hi John, Thanks for the Feedback. Interesting you mention the rear hub motor, we have heard of this happening to another rider, was it the motor or the cable connecting to the rear motor? With the advancements in technology, new models will have to address the overheating if they become a more permanent mode of transport for longer distances, challenging because any type of cooling will likely compromise the waterproofing.

ecorides Australia
John Lambert

Nice review! I fully agree with everything said here. I’ve owned my OXO now for about 4 months and whilst I do love it, it has had its issues. I’ve twice now had overheating issues with either the battery and or motor controllers. The scooter will just completely shutdown and cannot be turned back on for approx 30 mins. This has happened after riding it for about 45 mins. I know of other people around the world who have had this issue as well. I’ve had to have a rear motor controller replaced under warranty when only the front motor would work. I’ve also had both front and rear tyre tubes replaced due to the value stems leaking or splitting. Otherwise it’s been a terrific scooter and I’ve had a ball on it. Just under 1000km on the odometer!

John Lambert

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