Inokim OXO Unlocked LCD Replacement

In this article we will be demonstrating how to replace the Locked LCD that comes fitted on the Inokim OX and OXO for the Australian market. 

Electric Scooter Law

For those that don't know, in Australia each state has specific laws around riding electric scooters and electric skateboards (for more information on this topic see the link here), and for those states that do allow electric scooters to be ridden there are a number of restrictions in place to limit the speed. A supplier now has the requirement to ensure that that all electric scooters are sold limited to 25kmh.

If you are going to unlock the speed limit on an electric scooter make sure you are aware of the local laws and that its done for private use only.

How to Replace locked LCD with unlocked LCD

The following Video is on how to replace the locked Inokim OX or OXO LCD unit with an unlocked version and to reprogram the LCD to max speed. Note this demonstration is for the OXO however the process for OX is the same. 

You can purchase the unlocked LCD's here

 See the video below:



I have Zero interest in purchasing the add on controller that people are using for the OXO when users in other countries do not have to go to such lengths. And don’t tell me is Australian legislation as it seems it applies only to Inokim scooters , Any other scooters in the same class Like Kaabo, Dualtron are not subject to the same restriction.

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Thanks, great video.


Great video mate thanks 👍🏼

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