Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Review


Kaabo has established itself as one of the premium electric scooter brands. 

The kaabo mantis range provide a full range of entry models from around the $1,300 mark for their commuter scooters, up to the pro electric scooter models being the Mantis Pro at just over $3,000. Then we jump into the Wolf Warrior models, just to confuse the rider,  both Kaabo Mantis and Wolf Warrior models crossover each other. The Mantis being designed as more commuter scooters and the Wolf Warrior being designed for off-road.   

The Wolf range now consists of 4 models starting at lowest price point the Wolf Warrior X Plus, X Pro, then onto the number one Kaabo Scooter! The Wolf Warrior 11+  and finally a new entry the Wolf King.

Our focus here is the Wolf X range which is in direct competition to the Zero 10X, Inokim OXO, Nanrobot D6+ , Dualtron Thunder, Bexley, and 10X Black Edition. All these units are all around the $3,000 mark with exception of the Dualtron Thunder.

Wolf Warrior X Overview

Kaabo have realised the the Wolf 11 was just outside the price bracket of the largest growing market segment in the scooter world. Their answer to this is with the Wolf X range by introducing a package that ticks all the previous boxes but at a more palatable price tag from around $3,000. 

To a summary of the features watch the video below:

There are two models within the Wolf X range:

1. Wolf X Plus 

2. Wolf X Pro

The main difference between the two are what you would expect. Battery, Controllers and LCD. The Wolf Warrior X pro comes fitted with mini motors gear and a larger 60v 28Ah battery where the Wolf Warrior X Plus runs standard Controllers, LCD and a 60v 21Ah battery. 

The Name 

Why Wolf X, there is not much originality in it, its basically related to the size of the offroad tires, the Kaabo Wolf X has 10" tires and the Kaabo Wolf 11 has 11” tires, that’s pretty much it.  


The first thing we notice when unboxing the unit is the overall scooter size difference. The Wolf X is so much easier to handle and move around than the Wolf 11 . The Wolf X weighs in at almost 12kg lighted, that's a huge difference. The Wolf X can be picked up and loaded into a car with one person where the Wolf 11 was always a two man job. 

The folding Mechanism is also completely different. The Wolf X still has the dual stem clamps, these are loosened up and the dual stem folds down, rather than the entire front tire. 


1. Folded, both offroad tires stay on the ground so the unit can be moved around. 

2. It keeps the scooters footprint the same size for easer storage. 


1. No quick mech to fold the unit. It’s a pain having to undo each of the stem bolts (4 of them) to fold the unit. 

2. The stem does not lock in whilst folded. So prone to moving left and right. 

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X
There are a few construction features worth talking about. Kaabo had adopted the same front shock layout as the wolf 11 .Kitted out with front hydraulic rear springs, the dual hydraulic shock absorbers on the front of the scooter are like those of most motorcycles. The dual-spring suspension system at the rear has also bee adopted although the springs are smaller.  Aesthetically looks the same as the Wolf 11 with the exo skeleton frame and design, the overall components are just adjusted in size to fit the smaller foot print of the Wolf X. 

Constructed with a tubular steel frame, the electric scooter can hold up to 120kg. It does weigh a 37kg but compared to the Wolf Warrior 11+ at 47kg its much easier to move around and pick up..

Braking and Display

Like any electric scooter of this calibre braking is important. All come with front and rear Hydraulic disc Zoom Brakes, and electronic anti-lock braking system and awesome piece of safety gear. The eABS checks if tires are locked, and if they are, the motor turns on for a tiny period of time to assist with braking. The tires grip the ground better with this system, which is perfect for safe off-road riding. 

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X
The LCD display (and controllers) on the X Pro are made by Minimotors, who are famous for their top-quality high-end products. They’re also responsible for the Dualtron Thunder, another e-scooter with a 100km top speed.

The X Plus comes with standard LCD Display and controllers like other kaabo models

The handle bar layout is basically the same as the Wolf 11 but for some reason we kind of like the Wolf X a little better we think it’s the Dual and Single motor button that is now all black and vertical rather and the red and orange horizontal buttons.


The Wolf X range has the same front LEDs, Deck front lights and brake lights, however the X has a new feature with colour changing LED deck lights. We personally aren’t really a fan, but some like the option of extra visibility from other riders, or traffic during the night rides. 

The LED deck lights are controlled by an App you can download on your phone [LED Hue]. See the link here. 

Pulse, colour etc are all controlled by this app. 

For the app to connect you need to ensure the button next to the charging ports on the Deck is depressed whilst the electric scooter is on. 
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X


Both X models have 1100W motors with 60V batteries. Awesome power output with the Pro having  60v 28Ah whilst the Plus running a 60v 21Ah.  Of course both are restricted to 25kmh where legal and unrestricted on private roads getting a max speed of 70kmh for private property. 

Accelerate curve is great, you will notice the difference between an Inokim OXO and the Wolf Warrior X, you can select between the eco mode, turbo mode, single and dual motors. 

The unit only comes with all terrain tyres which is suited to the application of this scooter. 
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X
Book range on the Wolf X Plus is 70km and on the X Pro 100km, real world max range take about 15% off these figures. 

Max load for the Wolf Warrior X is 120kg rider weight 

Fast charger, dual charging ports available to reduce the charge time by 50% however its not overly fast by any means still a long 9-12hrs using both chargers. The pro has a top range of 100km and plus of 70km.

Ground clearance is good at 210mm.  


For the price point from $3,099 - $3,999 its packs some incredible power the acceleration is whip snapping fast. Oerall construction and value for money its going to blow the wind up some of the other brands, Kaabo is begining to set a benchmark here and we like the direction its going. 

For more info on the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X check out the product page here



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