Nanrobot D6+ Review

The Nanrobot D6+ electric scooter is a new entrant to the Australian market and its not for the faint hearted. Preliminary release date is slotted for February 2021.

We are seeing a huge number of high-performance electric scooters now and we think the Nanrobot d6 electric scooter is one of the better units.

If you are after max speed and a fantastic riding experience the Nanrobot d6 features need to be explored. A true high performer that is capable of 65kmh, 60km range and dual suspension for added comfort.

Nanrobot has a handful of powerful electric scooters to choose from; this one, the D6 , is one of the more affordable options but still packs 2000w 26ah battery into a relatively small package. The D6 scooter comes standard with spring shock absorbers, three integrated LED headlights, highperformance dualmotor, 10inch pneumatic tires an adjustable stem, and hydraulic disc brakes. This machine is ready to tackle practically any urban environment and some off-road terrain as well.


The D6 Power

Kitted out with dual motors each at 1000W and a combined 2000W has the ability to drive the nanrobot d6 up to the regulated 25kmh in a couple of seconds. With a max speed of 65kmh this unit is extremely powerful and will tackle any hill climb. 

There is some conjecture about the 1000w motors within the specifications from Nanrobot is it nominal watts or peak watts? But this is just semantics, what we know is that its super quick and takes next to no time to get to its top speed. There are also a variety of different configuration options including dual drive or single drive, eco mode and turbo mode. Despite the blistering top speed, the Nanrobot d6 electric scooter feels surprisingly stable, thanks in part to the fillsized 10inch pneumatic tires. The suspension arms and setup also helps keep the scooter smooth and comfortable.

 Nanrobot D6+ Power

The D6 Battery and Range — 52 volt 26ah, 60km

The Nanrobot D6 runs a 52v 26ah battery for an estimated 60km range of the scooter. This is probably one of the down sides. Most units running 26ah will give a range closer to the 80km mark. However real world range will depend largely on rider weight and style, terrain, weather and speed, you will need to monitor your battery efficiency for long rides requiring the rider to switch between turbo dualmotor mode and eco single motor mode. The lithium battery itself is housed within the deck keeping the center of gravity low and better balance. The scooter comes certified with an IP53 rating for water resistance, which protects it from dust for the most part and “water spray at any angle up to 60 degrees from the vertical.” In other words, it's ok in the rain and go through some puddles, but it’s not waterproof so be sure to keep the deck from being entirely submerged in water.

Battery charging time is a not too shabby 10hrs compared to an OXO at 16hrs. The Nanrobot D6 also has the options of using a second battery charger and fast charging through two charge ports cutting charge time in half to 5hrs. 

D6 - Display

The Nanrobot D6 scooter uses the trigger throttle LCD quite popular on the Kaabo Range, Dualtrons and other high performance electric scooters. The LCD display is positioned on the righthand side as most are and comes with independent voltage meter along with key operation a must these days. The display is the standard type LCD and not the minimotors version (which classified as top of rage), overall it works well enough and while some functions can be adjusted in the settings, it appears there is no setting for wheel diameter. However, the display does show what power level is currently being used (1-3), battery level, ride time, tripometer, odometer and more.

 Nanrobot D6+ Display

D6 - Construction 

The Nanrobot D6 has made with an aluminum alloy body and weighs in at nearly 32kg in terms of overall specs and weight this is on par with the Inokim OXO at approx 37kg. Its not made for portability, its made for offroad performance and the manufacturers warranty backs this up with 12 months. Whilst its not light, its also not the heaviest scooter.

Nanrobot D6+ Construction


When the unit is folded it’s not too difficult to carry. The folding mechanism on the frame is also of well built with a two-stage locking system to ensure the stem does not collapse and most importantly as a fail safe if the primary locking mechanism fails or comes unlatched while riding. 

Nanrobot D6+ Folding Mech


D6 - Brakes and Suspension 

The Nanrobot D6   has some serious braking power, with a combination of the electronic braking and hydraulic brake the braking systems pull out stopping power so strong you need to be prepared for it. This is not to say that you need to brace yourself every time you hit the brake levers as the D6 features an electronic braking adjustment within the settings.  

 Nanrobot D6+ Brakes

The Australian versions come in the choice of oil brake and disc brake we would recommend the hydraulic disc brakes any day over cable disc brakes. When you are running a high performance machine you need to ensure you have the ability to quickly stop, and the D6 has some solid stopping power.

The Nanrobot D6 has spring shock absorbers  in the front and rear with suspension arms on either side of the wheel. The transfer of shock through the suspension arms back into the spring provides the added comfort  for a dual suspension system and has capability to take on all types of terrain.  

The D6 scooter also runs pretty standard fullsized 10inch pneumatic tires and we wouldn't expect anything less.  

 Nanrobot D6+ Suspension

 D6 - Value

At this point Australian pricing for the Nanrobot D6+ hasn't been set but we anticipate it being around the $3,000 mark. At this price is it good value. Personally we think the D6+ is very competitive and will be serious competition for the Inokim OXO, and Kaabo Mantis. Overall is has some great features the other two model dont have such as Key locks and dynamic suspension, great acceleration curve, we think its built better than the Kaabo Mantis but not the Inokim OXO. It performs better than the Inokim OXO, and is on par with the Kaabo Mantis. Ultimately you cant go wrong with the Nanrobot D6+   


ecorides Australia

The Nanrobot D6+ will either come with LG or Samsung batteries.

ecorides Australia

what batteries are used? name brand


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