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How do we define the best, is it an electric scooter that ticks the criteria of most users, or the most expensive with the most features, is it the fastest, or is it our opinion. 

Well we have let everyone else do the talking, so let's see what everyone says!

Over the last couple of years, we have seen an explosion in consumer awareness and appetite for an alternative to public transport. In particular, 2020 with COVID has seen a surge in personal electric vehicle sales (mainly the electric scooter and electric bike). A lot of people are changing the way they do their daily commuting, giving rise to ecosmart metro options. Amid this year’s chaos, we wanted to find out exactly which type of electric scooter majority of people are ‘searching’ for, and is there a scooter on the market that fills this need? 

We use the term ‘searching’ because a search does not necessarily translate to purchase. A purchase decision comes down to what’s available at the time (we have seen a short supply of electric scooter brands specifically Inokim Ox and Kaabo Mantis), and how fixed their budget is that limit the buying options. A consumer will naturally push the budget boundary if they see real value in the next model up for not a lot of additional outlay in cash. 

This article will explain the results we found and list the top 3 electric scooters searched for in Australia 2020

Electric Scooter Survey 2020

We ran a survey that Polled over 4,000 people and the results are in. We kept the survey really simple and focused only on the key factors most people look for when searching for an electric scooter, this information is then used by the consumer in the process of buying an electric scooter:

1. What’s your budget? 

2. How fast did you want the scooter to go?

3. What's the Maximum Range you want to ride? 

4. Did you want a Single or a Dual Motor? 

Electric scooter Survey Results:


The budget is the number one factor in which consumers base their decision, first they check Amazon and then check best price search results, once they have an idea then people search for specific brands. In terms of the buying options, we gave our participants four to choose from. We were a little surprised by the results as these indicate across the price range it was line ball even, with more than 55% looking below the $2,000 mark and the rest above the $2,000 mark. It's at this point where the line is drawn as what are affordable electric scooters. Completely understandable as anything over the $2,000 is starting to get into the pro scooter, high-performance category. From the results here most consumers are looking for entry-level and Low- Mid tier commuter electric scooters. 

Survey Results for the Budget Criteria
Electric Scooter Price


Surprisingly this returned again fairly even results, given electric scooter law limits the units to a maximum speed of 25kmh, most consumers are of the opinion this is too slow and want a powerful scooter that has the ability to be dialed up. Typically commuter electric scooters don't go too far beyond that 25kmh, most will do an additional 5kmh. Models like Segway Ninebot, eGlide, Inokim Quick 3, xiaomi m365, and the razor ecosmart metro. 

Survey Results for the Speed Criteria
Electric Scooter Speed


Most entry-level electric scooters are capable of doing 25km on a single charge. The results here mirror the results in terms of budget, that low-mid tier for daily commuting will get you up to approx. 45km maximum range.

The maximum range normally also requires additional features for comfortable riding. What's the point in riding 45km on something that will shake your eyeballs out. What you would at least expect here is some form of shock absorbers (maybe spring suspension) safety features that include front and rear braking systems (cable disc or electric brake) and a variety of solid and pneumatic tires. 

The good news here is we are seeing a trend in electric scooter manufacturers to adopt better technology in lithiumion batteries to increase electric scooter range, aiming to keep battery weight down and reducing charging time.

At the moment to achieve the maximum range, requires a larger the battery, which then increases the weight of the electric scooter, and then the longer the battery charge takes. For a folding electric scooter this is a big negative as it affects portability. Rider weight is also a factor, the heavier the rider is the less range you will get out of the electric scooter. 

Survey Results for the Range Criteria
Electric Scooter Range


Not surprisingly there is an overwhelming demand for electric scooters with dual motors. Why? 

The dual motors give you that additional power uphill, can give you the convenience of acceleration and added safety of traction. They also cater to a greater noticeable difference in riding mode and sustainable speed.

These days you will find a very limited number of electric kick scooters with a single 250watt motor, with some exceptions like the m365 electric scooter, the levy electric scooter, or the glion dolly foldable are still around. 

Power is on people's minds, manufacturers are hearing this and a number of models with single motors now have top rated performance Inokim OX, Kaabo MantisMachine Fox, and Boosted Rev to name a couple. There are some single motor scooters now with +1200W in the rear wheel, that is some serious torque.

However, the survey indicates that dual motors are preferred, and there are plenty on offer such as Inokim OXO, Mantis Pro, Dualtron thunder, and mercane widewheel pro.

However there aren’t many commuter scooters that feature dual motors, this presents buyers a challenge in the current market. Buyers can either settle for a larger powered single motor like 500-1000w or be prepared to step above the budget of $2,000. 

Survey Results for the Motor Criteria
Electric Scooter Motor

Which is the best electric scooter for 2020? 

Combining all the statistics from the various tabled results these are the top 3 electric scooters for 2020, and to be honest, in our opinion, the people are pretty switched on. 

Number 3: Segway NineBot Max 

The Segway ninebot kickscooter ticked nearly every highest % result with the exception of the Dual Motor. Its a great all-round daily commuter and the lowest price point of the top 3. You can read our extensive review of this unit here:    
 Segway Ninebot max

Number 2: Inokim OXO Super

The Inokim OXO is a top-end high-performance scooter and believe it or not is one of the biggest sellers. The downside to this unit is the price at $2,999 it's a bit high for that daily commute unless you have some serious terrain or distance to cover. The adrenaline junkies absolutely love this electric scooter, with more and more off-road features being added to this model it's one that if money isn't the issue you would want to be securing one of these. The Inokim OXO has been so popular they are quite often pre-ordered and sold out prior to stock landing in the country. If you in the market for one of these make sure you quick. You can read our complete review here and the OXO specifications here

Inokim OXO

Number 1: Mercane widewheel pro 2020 15Ah dual motor

The mercane widewheel ticked absolutely every single highest % criteria. Its a unit that is instantly recognizable with its wide profile, the 2020 version has significant improvements over the 2019 version and strikes that balance of dual motor, battery size, and power that will keep almost everyone looking for that mid-tier commuter electric scooter happy.  

The Mercane Widewheel Pro 2020 now comes with:

  • Dual 500W motors and Dual Disk brakes front and rear
  • The smart LCD display with speed, battery level, and KMs traveled
  • Has the capability to go beyond the 25kmh (on private roads)
  • Upgraded battery pack with 15Ah of power for a 70km range 
  • Fits within the price bracket of $1,001 - $2,000

Designed to give the right amount of power through the dual 500w motors (1000w in total), each wheel has its own single 500w motor, getting you to max speed quicker, additional riding comfort with dual suspension for smooth surfaces, dual front and rear disc brakes,  larger battery pack giving it an extended range of up to 70km for a true fun ride particularly for those using electric scooters for commuting. You can read more here

Mercane WideWheel Pro 2020

 Want to find out more about selecting the right electric scooter for you. Check out our guide here

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