e-Glide G60 Electric Scooter

  • e-Glide G60 Electric Scooter

e-Glide G60 Electric Scooter


e-Glide G60 Daily Commuter

An electric scooter that is loaded with unique features guaranteed to make your ride more comfortable, safe, fun and versatile.

 e-Glide Specs
Max Speed 25kmh
Max Range 25km
Weight 12.5kg
Max Load 100kg
Battery 36V 6.4Ah
Charge Time 3-4hrs
Dimensions 1056 x 420 x 1166mm


e-Glide G60 Power Plant - 6.4Ah Hot-Swappable Panasonic Battery

The battery is possibly the most integral part of any electric scooters performance. The battery for the G60 was designed from the ground up to be different and the end result is pure genius.

Teamed up with Panasonic, the team produced the lightest, most compact lithium ion
battery possible and ensures the e-Glide G60 comes fitted with industry-leading batteries that won't let you down.

The battery is easily removed so that it can be charged both inside and outside the scooter. This means you will have endless flexibility in how you ride and charge your e-Glide G60.

  • You can easily take a second battery on your ride with the e-Glide battery
    carrying case. This allows you to swap them over on the go and DOUBLE YOUR DISTANCE.
  • Charge your battery at work, the gym, at school... practically anywhere!

Armourwall Tubeless Tyres

Getting a flat tyre is a pain and solid tires lack grip and ride comfort.

The 8.5" tubeless Armourwall tyres on the e-Glide G60 are strong and puncture-resistant, while giving a premium ride quality that solid tyres just can't deliver.

Tubeless tyres also absorb shock better than tyres with tubes. Better shock absorption means a smoother ride with less vibration and ultimately better control.

The Armourwall tyre performance is responsive and grippy in urban environments and effortlessly glides across rougher terrain

Ride Comfort and Control

To effectively use an electric scooter for a daily commute, you need to feel both confident and in control.

The 420mm wide bars on the G60 can be extended to 500mm with the optional wide bar upgrade kit, providing a ride comfort solution for every rider.

Having too many buttons to control your scooter is not only confusing but can also be dangerous. There are only two buttons on the G60 and they are both located on the ergonomic e-Glide Multi Throttle allowing you to control your speed mode, lights and acceleration all with one hand.

To keep you in control of the scooter the ultra bright i-Sight display shows your current speed, mode selected, battery life and can be clearly seen in all lighting conditions.

Class Leading Braking System

We know how important it is to be able to trust your brakes. That's why we spent extra time on research and development, perfecting the braking system on the G60.

The e-Glide G60 features a low-maintenance, cable pull rear disc brake that means you can apply as little or as much stopping power when needed.

The large 120mm rotor delivers amazing breaking performance, bringing you to a quick yet smooth stop within a couple of feet, even from top speed.

The quiet 350W motor delivers smooth acceleration and torque. e-Glide's responsive motor performance will have you taking on hills and reaching top speed with ease. As an added feature, every time you pull the brake lever extra power is being sent back to the battery from the regenerative braking built into the G60's front hub motor.


  • eglide G60 User Manual
  • eGlide G60 Warranty


36V 6.4Ah

Max Speed

25 KM/H

Max Range

25 KM