Inokim OX Eco Electric Scooter

  • Inokim OX Eco Electric Scooter

Inokim OX Eco Electric Scooter


Inokim Electric Scooters has just released a new OX Eco electric scooter variant to one of the most popular models within the Inokim line up. Introducing the OX Eco, the baby brother to the OX Super.

Just like the OX Super, the OX Eco maintains the quality and off road capability. Everything about the OX Eco is the same as the Inokim OX Super albeit a couple of things that make this electric scooter more palatable to the entry level.

Key differences between the OX Super and OX Eco are:

  • Top Speed = 35kmh 
  • Top Range = 50km 
  • Battery = 48V 13Ah

All other aspects of the OX Eco and OX Super remain the same including build quality, you still get to enjoy the power of the Inokim brushless motor to tackle the hill climb, with the motor capacity being the same at 800W just like the OX Super.

Aesthetically everything looks the same with the all too familiar single sided suspension, sporting rear disc brakes & front drum brakes, adjustable front and rear suspension and 10 inch pneumatic tires available in street or off-road variants. The OX Eco will support a rider weight of 120kg.  

The battery allows the OX Eco to travel up to a 50km range and with the top speed slightly lower at 35kmh, the weight of the OX Eco is slightly lighter which will please a few out there, making the OX Eco much easier to travel with and more portable. Upright and folded dimensions remaining unchanged. 

In terms of price point, this is really targeting the new Kaabo Mantis range and will make both these brands and the Zero 10X a hotly contested space.  

At a much lower price point who can pass up the opportunity to experience the ruggedness of a dirt scooter at the price of a basic urban commuter.

If you looking to do a scooter upgrade from an urban commuter to a true off-road entry-level the Inokim OX Eco is a great place to start. 


Weight Anticipated 22-24 kg
Top Speed 25kmh (Private Roads - 35kmh)
Battery Lithium-Ion - 48V - 13Ah 
Motor Single 800W
Charge Time 6-9 hrs for full charge
Top Range 50 km
Front & Rear Single sided suspension
Road Lights Integrated front & rear lights
Brakes Rear disc brakes & front drum brakes
Tyre's 10" pneumatic front & rear
Dimensions Open 120x58x128cm | Folded 120x58x58cm
Structure Material Aluminum 6061 T6
Max Load 120 kg
LCD Display With functions & illumination
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48V 13Ah

Max Speed

35 KM/H

Max Range

50 KM