Inokim OX Front Wheel Assembly

  • Inokim OX Wheel Assembly

Inokim OX Front Wheel Assembly


Replacement Inokim OX Front Wheel Assembly. 

For those that want a plug and play replacement part, this assembly comes complete with:

LJLCOX1200: 1 x Wheel Hub

LJGJOX0500: 1 x Hinge for front Wheel

LJLCLS060: 1 x Front Drum Brake

LJLCOX1300: 1 x Front Wheel Hinge Spacer Long

LS0056190: 2 x Deep Groove Ball Bearing

LJGJOX0200: 1 x Gasket

LS003M12: 1 x Lock Nut

LS001JM6X8: 1 x Cup Screw

LS003M6F: 1 x Lock Nut Q3

LJSLOX04: 1 x Motor Decorative Cover



Fully assembled so you only need to install onto the scooter and fit the tire.

(NOTE Tire is not included)