Mercane Wide Wheel Pro 2020 - 15Ah Dual Motors

  • Mercane Wide Wheel Pro 2020 - 15Ah Dual Motors

Mercane Wide Wheel Pro 2020 - 15Ah Dual Motors


Mercane is a Korean electric scooter company that launched its famous WideWheel electric on Indiegogo in 2018 and took the electric scooter world by storm mainly attributed to the wide wheels. If Batman rode an Electric scooter it would be this one.

Mercane WideWheel 2020 Pro Upgrades

Whilst there were some issues with the mercane widewheel 2019 version the manufacturer has improved the technical specifications of the new widewheel 2020 pro model with: 

DUAL DISK brakes front and rear matched to Dual 500W motors

The smart LCD display with speed, battery level, and KMs traveled

Upgraded battery pack with 15Ah of power for even more distance

With these upgrades, we think the Mercane widewheel 2020 Pro is one of the top units to have for this year. It provides the right amount of power through the dual 500w motors (1000w in total), each wheel has its own single 500w motor, getting you to max speed quicker, additional riding comfort with dual suspension for smooth surfaces, dual front and rear disc brakes,  larger battery pack giving it an extended range of up to 70km for a true fun ride particularly for those using electric scooters for commuting.   

Improved Build Quality

In addition to these upgrades, Mercane has improved the build quality by strengthening the three main critical parts of the electric scooter, reinforcing the stem, folding mechanism (neck), and fork with higher grade aluminum/alloy material.

The widewheel electric has now increased safety with and added second disc brake to the Pro version. These disc brakes are a welcome addition. Whilst the disc brake system is only cable they do their job well. When running at max speed, having the second brake really helps the rider feel more secure and pulls up the scooter far more quickly particularly in situations where evasive action is required, this gives the electric scooter an overall stable ride.

New Mercane LCD

One thing lacking on the previous models of the Mercane widewheel was the inferior display, we are glad to see that Mercane realised that a speedo is a must for any electric scooter (especially with pretty much every other electric scooter from Zero, Inokim, Xiaomi, eglide and Segway all run LCDs). The new LCD display has all the typical and necessary information such as max speed, battery-pack level indicator, battery voltmeter and odometer to track everything you need while riding. You can also switch from Eco mode to Power mode by pushing the power button to give you the added boost of the dual motors when running the hill climb or a thrill for a quick launch.

The other button, “Mode”, when pushed once turns the light on, and when pushed twice turns the cruise control on or off. (For all the speed junkies out there, their is Ludicrous mode on the PRO which will far exceed any legal speed in Australia and should only be used for private roads. The unit can hit top speeds of 50km/h making is a blast to ride.

Mercane WideWheels

The most notable feature of this electric scooter is the mercane wheels, the only kick scooter to use the 8.5" x 3.5" solid airless tires and wide wheels. They can be a little harsh on rough terrain but give you the luxury of knowing you won't get tire punctures but these bumps can be absorbed by the spring suspension and on flat surfaces, you get a smooth ride. 


Our summary is the Mercane widewheel electric scooter pro 2020 as a commuter scooter ticks the boxes, a perfect scooter for adults.

With a really competitive price point in comparison to other electric scooters that run a single motor the Mercane Widewheel pro 2020 provides great value for money

Technical Specifications:

Motor 2x 500W base / 800W peak
Battery Lithium-ion 48V 15Ah
Est range 70km 
Top speed 25kmh Australian Compliance (Max 45kmh)
Weight limit 100 kg
Tires 8" x 3.9" never-flat foam filled
Suspension Front and Rear springs  
Brakes Front & Rear disc brake
Lights Front and Rear LED
Display Smart Display
Dimensions 109cm x 54.8cm x 110cm
Folded Dim. 109cm x 21.8cm x 40.9cm
Weight 24.5kg
Drive Front & Fear wheel drive
Bat. position Underboard


48V 15Ah

Max Speed

45 KM/H

Max Range

70 KM