Inokim OXO - OX Tire Package

  • Inokim OXO - OX Tire Package

Inokim OXO - OX Tire Package


This Package is for the Inokim OXO and OX and includes your choice of tire package which suits your style of riding.

**Only available for new purchases and installed at the time of pre-delivery. 

There are four (3) variants to choose from:

 Tire Type Tire Use
Semi-Slick High-Performance Street and wet weather 
Semi Off-Road Combined Street and All-terrain 
Off-Road Aggressive Tread for off-road


Note: All Inokim OXO and OX Variant Electric Scooters come fitted with Street 10" x 2.5" tires. These packages are fitted at pre-delivery with the original set included within the box.

Semi Slick

The Inokim Semi-Slick tire provides optimal traction on street circuits and increases the traction in the wet with deeper tread and a tire pattern to push water away from the road. For ultimate street riding and high-performance, this tire is well suited to those that like a bit more speed. The tire is slightly wider than the standard street being 10 x 3” and requires a 10 x 2.5” inner tube


The Semi-Offroad tire strikes that balance between the full off-road and the semi-slick. With enough tread to handle most off-road applications and terrain without compromising the street comfort.

Ideally suited for riders that like use the street during the week and want that fun and flexibility of grip and traction off-road on the weekends. Tire size is 10 x 3” and requires an inner tube of 10 x 2.5”


The Inokim off-road tire has a full aggressive tread purpose-designed for all-terrain and traction, whilst this can be used for a daily commute there will be some loss of comfort on smooth surfaces.

All packages are quoted complete and installed and includes:

  • Tires of your choice
  • Inner Tubes to match tire type
  • Fitting time and Labour for installation
  • QA and test