11X Black Edition

  • 11X Black Edition

11X Black Edition



The 11X Black Edition is an absolute monster. One of the most powerful electric scooters within the electric scooter Australian market to date, it will take a lot to beat this unit.

Set up with two hub motors, both of which are 1600W each, giving it a max power output of 5600W! What does this mean, it means strap in and hold on tight with a maximum speed of 100 km/h. Yes, that's right. This is NOT a daily commuter, it's for advanced riders only and adrenaline junkies. The 11X packs a tonne of features only the high-end luxury and performance models can offer.

At these speeds, you need to be sure of the braking system which delivers in spades, double hydraulic brakes on larger ventilated discs and an additional electric brake for maximum stopping power. 

If you need any more convincing the suspension systems on the 11X Black Edition are phenomenal. These units have been designed with pure adrenaline in mind and without any compromise on rider comfort, running 11-inch off-road pneumatic tyres.

Night visibility is ensured by the presence of 2 headlamps at the front and 2 at the rear. These LED lamps are a standout feature and beef up the aesthetics and presence of the 11X coming down the road.

The beast weighs in at 52 kg, but is still foldable to make transport in a vehicle a bit easier. This weight is attributed to one of the biggest batteries in a scooter currently packing a LG 72V / 36ah lithium-ion battery with a max range of 150km.

 11X Black Edition Specifications

Maximum Speed

25kmh (Private Roads 100kmh)

Maximum Range 150km
Charge Time 15-20 hrs (single charger)
Weight 52kg
Tires 11" Pneumatic
Suspension Spring, Arm Front Rear
Brakes Dual Hydraulic + Electric
Motors 2 x 1600W
Headlights 2 x Front and Rear lights
Battery LG 72V-36Ah Lithium Ion
Hill Grade 35%
Dimensions Open 1420 x 720 x 1325 
Dimensions Folded 1420 x 720 x 600


72V 36Ah

Max Speed

100 KM/H

Max Range

150 KM