Forever - M250 Electric City Bike

  • Forever - M250 Electric City Bike

Forever - M250 Electric City Bike


The M250 Electric City Bike has a solid constructed with a sturdy 55” Aluminium Alloy frame, the bike offers style and grunt. One of the lightest electric bikes in our range, the M250 weighs only 23 kg, allowing easy transportation. It is powered by an inbuilt 250W Rear hub motor and a stock 10AH Lithium battery.

If you want additional throttle you can upgrade the battery to 14Ah extending your electric range. It’s unique single speed 16T/44T gears are complemented by Tektro Radius Dual Pivot brakes. The M250 can easily reach distances between 40-60 km before needing a recharge. With a relatively fast recharge time of under 4 hours.

This sleek design is finished with a state-of-the-art S Mode LCD Display screen. A practical and yet stylish commuter.



Alloy aluminium, sport model, PROMAX


250 Watt rear hub


10Ah  – Upgradable to 14,4 Ah (Samsung)


Single Speed 16T/44T


Tektro / Radius – Dual Pivot

Z-Star Mechanical disc brake lever, with
power cut function when braking


23 Kg


Advance LCD 5 Mode Speed Display

Max Distance

40-60 km depending on rider, terrain, weather and level of assistance used

40-80 km using upgraded battery 14 ah

Optional features Upgradeable battery to 14.4 Ah