Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro Electric Scooter

  • Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro Electric Scooter

Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro Electric Scooter


The Ultimate in Performance

The Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro is one step below the beast known as the Kaabo Wolf Warrior Range. This scooter is at the top end specification within the Mantis variants - the Pro version is distinctive with the larger 24ah LG Battery, Mini Motors LCD controller and full hydraulic brakes. 


Most consumers will compare the Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro and the Elite with the Inokim OXO & Zero 10X. First off, the Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro electric scooter is a rocket and has scored some of the better acceleration and braking times between the range of dirt scooters. This is not to say that it doesn't tick the boxes of most commuter scooters. The Kaabo Mantis with its dual brushless motor is one of the fastest scooters off the mark boasting dual 1000w motors. Not only is it fast, but its large pneumatic tyres and quality dual suspension keep the scooter pinned to the road and permit precision carving. 

For those that need to travel some distance its a perfect fit as an electric scooter to be used for personal transport. The build quality makes this a comfortable and powerful ride & a breeze to use with the added bonus of an aesthetically large scooter deck.


How does the Mantis dual motor accelerate? In one word - ballistic! The take-off will have your eye sockets in the back of your head and it just keeps going until it hits about 40kmh. After 40kmh, acceleration it more timid but has no problem in getting to its top speed of 65kmh. It's a seriously powerful scooter. At full throttle, both motors will spin the wheels.

The throttle response is pretty good but has a slight lag of a fraction of a second, only noticeable if your used to riding pro electric units. For the normal everyday rider you won't notice it at all.


Book range for the Kaabo scooter is around the 90km mark, real-world with varying riders weight and terrain will most likely see you achieve 60-65km. If you run both dual brushless motors constantly expect that range to dissipate. Charge time will be between 10-12 hours so best to leave it overnight or plugged in near your desk at work.

Full Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Kaabo Mantis comes fitted with full hydraulic disc brakes that’ll help you manage the high speeds comfortably. Hydraulic brakes are more expensive than standard mechanical cable brakes as they provide better performance in just about every aspect. Hydraulics within the brakes are more efficient & you don’t need to apply as much pressure. Overall, braking will also feel less chunky.


The Kaabo Mantis Pro dual motor comes with a front and rear dual coil spring suspension system. It practically makes you feel like you’re hovering above the ground. Even the worst road conditions feel insanely smooth due to the dual spring arms. The Mantis electric scooter is very capable of going off-road.


The sturdy rugged 10″x2.5″ pneumatic tyres on the Kaabo Mantis provides a solid grip in all road conditions and further improves suspension. Riding on air will always feel much smoother than with solid tyres and the Kaabo Mantis sure is a testament to that.

Build Quality

Another notable feature is the bomb-proof stem and folding action that means absolutely no creaking or wobble in the handlebars unlike the Xiaomi (recently recalled for this issue). The handlebars also lock to the rear wheel arch, allowing carrying of the Kaabo by the stem. The electric scooter has a weight limit of 120kg and tips the scales at 28kg, not exactly portable but not as heavy as some of the other high-performance units. 

The Mantis delivers a ton of value, power, quality and range at a ridiculously competitive price. The aesthetics of the Kaabo Mantis are aggressive and rugged built as an off-road scooter. Distinctive deck patterns define it amongst the bland black decks of most other brands.


Max Speed* 25kmh (Private Roads - 60kmh)
Max Range* 90km
Max Hill Climb* 57% Gradient
Motor 1000W Front + 1000W Rear
Battery 60V 24.5ah LG/Samsung
Charge Time 10-12 hrs
Tyres 10"x 2.5" Pneumatic Street
Brakes Front & Rear Full Hydraulic Disc
Suspension Front & Rear Spring
Lights LED Front Head, Rear Tail, Responsive Brake and Deck
Display Minimotors EY3 - Speed, Battery Level, Trip & Speed Mode
Power Modes 3 Individual Modes (Selectable in Both Single and Dual Motor)
Max Weight Load 120kg
IP Rating Not Provided
Dimensions (Unfolded) 1267mm x 600mm x 1230mm
Dimensions (Folded) 1267mm x 600mm x 480mm
Bar Width 600mm

*Max speed, range and hill climb are calculated by the manufacturer under controlled factory conditions. Factors such as rider weight, terrain, hills, power mode and heavy acceleration can greatly affect these figures.

  • Mantis User Manual
  • Kaabo Warranty


60V 24Ah

Max Speed

65 KM/H

Max Range

80 KM