Kaabo Mantis 10 Solo - 500W Single Gear

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The ZERO 9 Killer

This is Australia's up and coming favorite, the Kaabo Mantis Single Motor Electric Scooter - Powered by an incredibly punchy 500w Single Gear Motor and comes equipped with Dual Suspension this scooter provides superior ride quality for most riding conditions making it the ultimate all-round urban commuter or one of the top off-road dirt scooters.

This is the mid-range kick scooter that sits between the Kaabo Skywalker 8s and the Kaabo Mantis Dual Motor with the top of the range being the Kaabo wolf warrior. 

The Kaabo Mantis electric scooter will give you the ability to take on the trails and make an aesthetic statement with the kaabo scooter well-known spider-like deck. With the 48V 500W, 10" pneumatic tires you will glide over our country's most rugged terrain with ease. Coupled with the dual disc brakes makes this unit even safer and ideal for the daily commute!

The Kaabo Mantis Single Motor is an Electric Scooter targeted at the Zero 9 and Zero 10 models but at a more competitive price point.

The Kaabo Mantis takes off like a rocket and the dual motor version has scored some of the better acceleration and braking times across the top end. The single motor variant whilst not as quick still has that quick acceleration. Top speed on private roads can hit 35kmh.

The mantis sports large 10" street tyres and quality front and rear dual suspension keeps the scooter pinned to the road and permit you to run some precision carving. 

The 13Ah lithium battery gives you the needed range for the daily commute and another notable feature as with the Kaabo Mantis Dual Motor is the bomb-proof stem and folding action that means absolutely no creaking or wobble in the handlebars. The handlebars also lock to the rear wheel arch, allowing carrying the kick scooter by the stem.  

The kaabo scooter delivers a ton of value, power, quality, and range at a ridiculously competitive price. The base version has semi-hydraulic dual disc brakes — features absent on some much more expensive scooters.

The aesthetics of the Kaabo Mantis are aggressive and rugged built as an off road scooter. Distinctive Deck patterns define it amongst the bland black decks of most other brands. 

These electric scooters will suite a rider that is looking for a fast but nimble scooter that has the aesthetics and feels like a monster, but doesn’t have huge weight, the Kaabo Mantis is a great choice.  It is basically a budget Dualtron electric scooter.



Kaabo Mantis Single 500W

Battery 48V 13Ah
Wheel 10"
Tyre Type Pneumatic
Brakes Dual Disc + EABS
Range 50km
Top Speed 25kmh Australian Compliance Max speed Private 35kmh
Weight 21kg
Max. Load 120kg
Suspension Front & Rear C Type
Lights LED
Controller LCD Intelligent
Motor Single Brushless 500W
Charge Time 6-9hrs
Dimesions Open 1235 x 575 x 1267
Folded 474 x 210 x 335