Mercane MX60 Electric Scooter

  • Mercane MX60 Electric Scooter

Mercane MX60 Electric Scooter


Mercane MX60 -  Extreme Riding

Better known for their Mercane Wide Wheel and Wide Wheel Pro, they have really stepped it up with the introduction of the MX60 dual motor electric scooter! This is a pure extreme, rugged off road, all terrain electric scooter that is set to excite!

When you see this, its like the Hummer of the electric scooter line up. It's big, it's bold and just as tough, instantly recognisable with its exoskeleton frame. If you want to take on gutters, jumps and off road tracks, the Mercane MX60 is for you. 

The MX60 dual has an industrial heavy duty look about it and delivers comfort and bulletproof construction. A scooter that boasts amazing power, range and technology, this is ultimate for those long rides.

The MX60 smart electric scooter 2400w boasts dual motors giving it an easy 60kmh, 100km range specification.  Even though its built like a brick, its responsive and handles easily. It’s one of the better balance scooters. One of its unique features is its huge 11” pneumatic tubeless scooter wheels which add to the ride comfort.

The removable battery is also one of its unique features allowing it to be charged independently of the scooter, giving you the flexibility to have a spare ready to go so you're not waiting around for the charging time. The Mercane MX60 kickcooter comes loaded with a 60V 20Ah battery to support the range claims.

The MX60 electric scooter deck floats on the dual air suspension and is backed up with performance front and rear disc brakes. A real pro electric scooter!

Combining the larger 11" scooter wheels and the rear air shocks just add another element of ride comfort to this unit. 

It terms of economy you can switch power modes; with 3 power modes on offer to choose from you can dial in just the right amount and also select to either engage a single or the dual motor to get the most out of your battery life or performance. 

While the MX60 dual is one of the largest electric scooters on the market, its price point is comparable to the Inokim OXO and the Zero 10X. 

For a larger electric scooter the Mercane MX60 can still be folded and carried but at 27kg you wouldnt want to carry it too far. 

If your aim is to feel the wind rushing in your face and speed is your game, this scooter is perfect for you.


Motor Power 60V | 2400W Dual 
Battery 60V 20Ah removable battery pack
Max Speed 25kmh set for Australian Compliance. Max private road 60 kmh
Max Range 100 km
Max Load 120 kg
Weight 27 kg
Battery Weight 7 kg
Suspension Air shock absorb with damping control system
Tires 11" tubless air
Dimensions 620W x 1270H x 1240L | Folded 380W x 1270H x 545L



60V 20Ah

Max Speed

60 KM/H

Max Range

100 KM