OTTO - T8 Electric Mountain Bike Rear Rack

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This Otto-made mountain bike takes speed to a different level. With its 21 speed capacity, it will certainly take you wherever you want to go. This model is sturdy yet lightweight. 

Bike with Rear Rack

  • Otto T8 flagship model provides about 75-85 km( Assistance Mode) using a 400W New National Standard 4Motor.
  • Comes with Intelligent Boost/Anti Theft Device.
  • High quality 18650 Power Lithium Battery for Power Cycling of about 85KM
  • Cycling Data Detection – Speed, Mileage, Electricity and Cycling Time
  • Five Stage Sensing Aid – Perfect combination of manpower and electric power


High quality power lithium battery anti-theft lock is installed on the shell of the moving aluminum bottle battery, and the disassembly and assembly of the independent module are convenient.


Electric Mode – 45-55km

Assistance Mode -75-85 km

Anti-theft easy disassembly

Powerful Lithium Battery

Bottle Shape Battery

8 Protection all around protection of core safety

As a smart housekeeper of all batteries, the battery pack has to undertake more than accurate calculation and charging and discharging. Eight safety protections for current, voltage and temperature abnormalities help you deal with all battery conditions.

  • Predischarge Function
  • Balance Function
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Overdischarge Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Discharge Short Circuit Protection
  • Temperature Protection
  • Break Protection



Test Model

60kg weigh endurance test report

Battery Type

20kg 48 V10.4 AH

Tester’s Weight


Riding Mode

48 V10.4 AH

Test Environment

Uniform/Pure Electric Drive

Daily Temperature

28-32 degrees

Pure Electric Range

approx 42 km's

Power Assisted Range

approx 78 km's 





Product Name



6061Aluminum Alloy Frame Material


48 V400 W Brushless Spoke Wheel Motor

Battery Capacity

48V 13Ah

Lithium Battery

Lithium battery life can be recharged repeatedly /life about 3-5 years

Charging time


S700 LED mulit-functional intelligent instrument

Dual Hall 12-point left-mounted sensor assisted

Electric Mode /Assistance Mode/ Without power

Vehicle Net Weight

20KG ( not excluding gift weight)


Hydraulic break

Wheel size

26* 1.95 Taiwan built large tire

Transmission System

21 speed SHIMANO Japan speed change transmission


Seat tube aluminium alloy handlebar

Packaging Mode

Strong cardboard boxes

Expansion size