Segway Ninebot E8 Kids Electric Scooter

  • Segway Ninebot E8 Kids Electric Scooter

Segway Ninebot E8 Kids Electric Scooter


Introducing the Segway Ninebot E8 e-kickscooter for kids. 

These electric scooters have been designed with the younger generation in mind with their bold colours and specifications that make these scooters fun and safe to ride

Perfect for the family where parents want to introduce their kids to electric scooters without compromising on the safety and quality of other cheaper scooters you can get elsewhere.

Kids already accustomed to riding a normal push scooter will love the upgrade and so will the parents. With a range of 10km the kids can ride far enough away but not too far and when the battery charge gets low, the kids can always use it as a normal push scooter.

With a thin and light body, lively colour matching & dynamic colour ribbon embellished on the hub, the appearance of the Ninebot E8 scooter is completely designed for kids. 

Segway Age

Brand new electric power assistance mode

The moment your kid just pushes hard on the ground, the kickscooter seems to have a magic power and it can continuously output power and move forward without the kid pressing the accelerator! The harder the kid pushes against the ground, the faster the kickscooter can run, bringing them an unprecedented fresh and fun experience and making them exercise more and stronger.

Speed is limited to 14kmh with a 130w motor to tackle a hill grade of 7%. Just enough but not too much.

The Ninebot E8 has 3 modes, which can be easily switched between, and for safety are located on the side of the deck near the rear tyre. The modes are power assistance, electric power only, and safe mode. In safe mode, the scooter is limited to 10kmh allowing beginners to master the essentials first.

Electric Power Drive Mode

This may be the first time your kid has experienced the pleasure of "driving". Just push against the ground gently to start the kickscooter, press the accelerator and hold the handlebar tightly, and you can easily and freely enjoy the wonderful sense of speed. 

• 14 km/h Maximum speed

• 130 w Motor power

• 10 km Distance per charge

Three Braking Modes

In order to have better braking effect, Ninebot KickScooter E8 is equipped with a triple brake system. In addition to the handbrake and EBS energy recovery brake, the rear fender also has a brake function. The combination of triple brakes offers better braking effect and gives the kids multi-safety assurance.

• Manual brake

• Energy recovery brake

• Fender brake

Battery Management System

The Battery Management System is one of the new pieces of technology adopted for these electric scooters that integrates the lithium battery, the controller, and the intelligent BMS into one module. This makes the overall structure more compact, and thinner. The BMS provides multiple layers of protection for the lithium ion battery such as overcharge protection, temperature protection, over-discharge protection and short circuit protection, making the battery for the Ninebot E8 stable, reliable, durable, and safe.  

Ninebot BMS

Spring Shock Absorption System

In order to have a more comfortable riding experience, Ninebot E8 KickScooter for Kids is equipped with a spring shock absorption system, which can more effectively filter the bumpy feeling brought by sand, grass, dirt roads and other ground surfaces, so that kids can ride smoothly and have fun all the time.

Ninebot E8 Shock

High Elasticity Rubber Tire

Fitted with the latest tyre technology the Ninebot E8 has a 7" front and 6" rear tyre made of a new high-elastic composite rubber which is better wear-resistant, does not get punctures or require inflating. The tyre has been designed to grip better with anti-skid performance with a new tyre tread design.

Ninebot Rubber Tire

Ultra-low Pedal Design

The distance between the scooter pedal surface to the ground is only 10cm, so the low centre of gravity makes the ride more stable and control more handy.

Segway E8 Height

Foldable Design

The Ninebot E8 is ultra-portable by adopting a similar folding mechanism as to the Segway Ninebot E45. Coming in at a weight of 7.5kg it's one of the lightest scooters on the market and overall volume is compact so that it can be easily put into the boot of a car. 

The body is slim and light and has a thickness of only 3.4 cm. It can be easily folded. After being folded, the overall volume is very compact. parents can carry this easily.

Segway E8 Folded

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame

The 600kg limit static load is far more solid than that required by teenagers. The slim body is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, with a limit the bearing capacity of 600kg, and it has passed the 2000km riding durability test. It is far beyond the capacity to carry an ordinary teenager, making Ninebot Kickscooter E8 a more reliable, durable toy.

Key Features:

  • 14 km/h Maximum speed
  • Multi-safety protection
  • Brand-new electric power assistance mode


 Weight 7.5kg
Dimensions Unfolded 830 x 335 x 850mm
Dimensions Folded 875 x 335 x 320mm
Max Load 50kg
Applicable Age 6-12 yrs
Applicable height 115 - 145cm
Max Speed 14kmh
Range 10km (Approx 40min)
Waterproof IPX4
Charge Time 4hrs
Battery 2.5Ah
Motor 130W Hub
Tires Solid Rubber
Suspension Spring
Construction Aluminium Alloy (600kg Static Load)


22V 2.5Ah

Max Speed

14 KM/H